University for the Creative Arts

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University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

Our founder colleges in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester opened their doors in Victorian times. Each of these colleges made it their mission to serve local people in the communities in which they were based and to offer education irrespective of social class.

After a series of mergers, the University for the Creative Arts achieved full university title in 2008. This was wonderful news for staff, students and alumni alike, as the creation of a specialist creative arts university acknowledged the growing importance of the subjects we teach.

As a specialist university, we have created a unique community for our students, where like-minded people can share in the creative process and inspire one another. Collaboration between courses is encouraged, with fine artists studying with budding film-makers, and fashion designers working alongside architects. In this way, our students benefit from exposure to a range of disciplines. We pride ourselves on our industry-standard facilities.

Our campuses are home to workshops for ceramics, glass, wood and metals where students can experiment under the supervision of technicians with extensive industry experience in their field. There is extensive studio space in painting, sculpture, fashion and film-making; radio and TV facilities for trainee journalists; stop motion equipment for animators; and an industry-standard Gerber suite for fashion pattern cutting.

It is not surprising that this specialist learning environment has produced graduates who go on to lead in their chosen industry. Our alumni include, Karen Millen and Zandra Rhodes in the world of fashion; jeweller, Stephen Webster; Oscar winning animators, Michael Dudok de Wit and Suzie Templeton; artists, Humphrey Ocean and Tacita Dean; and, textile designer Roger Oates.

Oscar-winning film makers, world-renowned fashion designers, television presenters, celebrity jewellers and Turner Prize nominees are just some of the high-profile graduates from the University for the Creative Arts.

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