My life and my experience in De Montfort University


My life and my experience in De Montfort University

At first, I didn’t want to go study aboard at all, though my mom forced me to do…so I started to find a business school for postgraduate marketing urgently and friendly staff (P’Sutat) from Ed-net gave a helping hand to me. I got through all the admission processes effortlessly; therefore he also came up with helpful recommendations from his actual UK experience that made my big move easier.

When I first arrived in UK, Leicester Business School of De Montfort University (Leicester) provided an entire week induction session, which eased out my strong anxiety of moving to a whole new environment. I got to know many friends and figured out how to get around with student life. Professors were supportive and willing to answer every question I had. Most of them used to be or currently are practitioners with direct experience in a particular focus; as a result, the lessons are practical and really useful in actual working situation. And since the class was quite small, everyone discussed and worked together in cosy and interactive atmosphere.

Study in UK also inspired my sense of enthusiasm and creativity. I started my new hobby as an amateur photographer, which led me to a whole new perspective and experience. I have been around travel, make friends and take photos in several inspiring cities and scenic places; e.g. Bath, Lake District and Oxford. This led me to photographing job and also new small business. I learned how to be more mature and responsible as well as having fun in UK colourful nightlife.

So now…my mom was right. I would miss unforgettable and invaluable experience of studying in UK. I have to thank EdNET, Leicester Business School (De Montfort University) and the best person in this world…my mom…for all the support and experience that changed my perspective forever.

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